Design & Engineering

Professional design & engineering services to fulfil all automation needs of a shop floor or assembly line for trouble free operation and easy maintenance.
A good design is at the core of robust engineering foundation on which the automation & controls edifice is built. This calls for thorough knowledge and research. Any flaw at the design stage stays as a permanent source of potential disruption in future. ENWPS has the necessary expertise in design and engineering to implement projects as per customer requirements and standards.

Electrical Design

ENWPS Team has qualified and experienced professionals backed by successful track record of implementing project from concept to commissioning. Capabilities include in-depth knowledge of design, component selection, schematics, layouts, connection and wiring diagrams for PLC/HMI/Control/Power/MCC panels and field devices and high quality workmanship, etc. Our team possesses knowledge on international safety requirements. We adhere to stringent standards and the best practices followed in industry and the compliances thereof.

We Have Expertise In

For the last two decades, ENWPS has implemented hundreds of Design & Engineering projects in automotive and other manufacturing industries. This includes design and layout of electrical systems for machine shop automation, foundry and heat treatment equipment, automated welding lines, robotic paint booths, assembly lines, and instrumentation and calibration of test benches – in short, complete electrical systems and customised solutions for discrete and process industries – that also ensures energy efficiency.

The ENWPS Team has the knowledge and expertise in following areas:

Wiring Diagrams/Single Line Diagrams

Cabinet Layouts & General Arrangements

Connection Diagrams

Bill of Materials

Conversion of AutoCAD to EPLAN
Conversion of EPLAN to AutoCAD

Multilingual, Translation

As built Modifications

Version Upgradation

Customer Specific Standards, etc.

We have implemented various robotics and automation solutions for leading enterprises both local to foreign entities alike

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With over two decades of proven expertise in the field of Design & Engineering Services, we have successfully implemented numerous projects across several industry verticals. Over years the team at ENWPS has established protocols and procedures to work with customers maintaining transparency and confidentiality. Scheduled deadlines are met at all stages of project with no or minimum time/cost over runs.

Design & Layout

Simplified design and layout that takes into account the complexity and ease of maintenance.

Quality First

Use of high quality, best in class components and systems from reputed manufacturers.

Modular Design

State-of-the-art, scalable, modular design and layout for future additions & expansion.

Safety & Reliability

Built in safety and reliability, conforming to the latest industry norms and standards.

Cost Competitive

Ideal electrical design service that combines safety and efficiency at the most competitive rates.

Industry Standards

We follow relevant industry standards, codes and recommendations made by professional bodies in design and during the implementation of the projects. Industry standards like ISO/BS/DIN, ASME/ANSI/EN/NEMA/NFPA/NACE/OSHA/IEC, etc. are adhered to.

Software Used

ENWPS team uses the latest technology tools available for design, simulation, testing and validation of all aspects of the project. This includes tolerances, overload capacities, built-in safeguards and safety mechanisms, etc. All due precautions are exercised in internal and external communication to ensure design integrity, data security and client confidentiality. The team has extensive experience of working with electrical design software like EPLAN and AutoCAD.


  • Is it right to outsource something as important as Design & Engineering to an external agency?
  • What about the cost and timeline?
  • How to ensure the quality aspects, regulatory compliances, and safety standards?
Is it right to outsource something as important as Design & Engineering to an external agency?

Professional service providers have both the expertise and experience of having executed scores of projects in different industry verticals. The collective experience of the ENWPS team of expert professionals ensures that the client gets the best services with the team members being conversant with all the hardware and software, etc. To replicate such talent in-house will not only be prohibitively expensive but will also not be able to guarantee the desired outcome.

What about the cost and timeline?

Companies offering such services are highly professional in their approach and are veterans of handling numerous projects. The matter of costs and schedule of completion are discussed and finalised at the outset with specific clauses about cost and time overruns. ENWPS works with total transparency keeping the client informed about the work progress as per the delivery schedule.

How to ensure the quality aspects, regulatory compliances, and safety standards?

These are important and valid concerns. ENWPS meticulously follows all industry standards and specifications, safety protocols, testing and certification, etc., in all the projects it handles. Each and every component used is not only checked for quality but also verified as passing the relevant standards and specifications. As for safety, right from the design stage safety is an integral part – safety of plant and equipment, operators, and other personnel, as well as of intellectual property and even cybersecurity.

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