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We offer the best of programming PLC, HMI and SCADA services across all industries on leading brands and platforms to automate your simple tasks to complex processes.
PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is the heart of any industrial automation, controlling the entire operation of a machine(s) or a plant(s) and the process(es) in a desired sequence. HMI and SCADA help to collect and monitor real-time data and control processes locally or from remote locations. SCADA allow users to increase their efficiency which eases manufacturing processes by assisting supervisory tasks and simplifying them to a great level. For more than twenty years, ENWPS has been providing complete industrial automation solutions using advance technologies. Bring your manufacturing technologies to the next level with innovative automation solutions provided by ENWPS. Our quality PLC programming, HMI and SCADA programming services for machines and processes stands for innovation offering a wide range of solutions to meet your automation needs.

We Specialise In

PLC Programming Services

The key to successful industrial automation is in PLC Programming Services. An incorrectly programmed PLC can result in costly downtime and can even cause damage to equipment or a plant. ENWPS has qualified professionals with programming experience on all types of PLCs from leading manufacturers for all kinds of industries, from concept to commissioning, including selecting the right PLC for a given application.

Developing HMI and SCADA

Proficiency in development on all types of HMI and SCADA systems including scripting in C, VB, SQL database system, both regular and web Reporting systems. Experience includes development of small HMIs to large SCADA systems covering plant wide assets in all types of process and discrete manufacturing industries.

In-depth understanding of the industrial domains, experts at ENWPS help you to monitor, control and analyze your processes easily, leading to a seamless automated system for trouble-free operations.

With in-depth understanding of the industrial domains, experts at ENWPS help you to monitor, control and analyze your processes easily leading to a seamless automated system for trouble-free operations.

We Have Expertise In

ENWPS has wide-ranging experience in PLC programming services, HMI and SCADA Programming services for a complete range of industries which includes automotive, discrete manufacturing and process industries like oil & gas, packaging, foundries & forging, etc. The type of work includes automation and controls, robotic cells and material handling systems.

The ENWPS Team has the knowledge and expertise in following areas:

Automotive Assembly Lines

Paint Shop Automation
Automated Welding Assembly

Machine Shop Automation
Foundry Furnace Automation

Steel Mills

We have implemented various PLC programming solutions for leading enterprises both local to foreign entities alike.

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More than two decades experience in the field of PLC programming services, HMI and SCADA programming services, Automation & Control projects and over hundreds of accomplishments, ENWPS team’s unparalleled expertise insights into successful implementation. Having worked with all leading vendors of industrial automation products, they understand the finer points for appropriate selection and are good at training and documentation as well.

High Accuracy

Highly accurate and efficient programming, well written and tested codes for trouble-free operations, adhering to relevant standards for all makes of PLC, SCADA and HMI.

Testing & Simulation

Rigorous testing and simulation carried out after programming to ensure zero errors in service, and ease of maintenance.

Device Integration

Proficiency in integrating robots and third party devices like machine vision systems into the system or process.

Industrial Networks

Compatibility with major industrial network protocols and hardware used in industrial automation.

All Major Brands

Specialisation in PLC programming of all major brands – Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation), Siemens, ABB, GE Digital, Honeywell, Omron, Schneider etc.

Software Used

While ENWPS experts are well versed in various types of software and PLC programming languages, most hardware comes with its own software and language preference. Where there is no such mandate, the most appropriate software from the available options is used. The commonly used PLC, SCADA, and HMI products from popular vendors are listed below:

For PLCs

Rockwell Automation: ControlLogix, CompactLogix, SLC-500, PLC 5, Power Flex drives, GuardLogix, AAdvance

Siemens: S7-400 H/F, S7-300, S7-1500, S7-1200, S5, Failsafe Controller, SINAMICS, SIMODRIVE, SICAM PAS

Mitsubishi: MELSEC-Q, L & F Series

Schneider Electric: Quantum, Premium, M340, Altivar Drives

ABB: AC500, AC800F, ACS 800 Drive


Siemens: WinCC, WinCC OA, TIA Portal

Rockwell Automation: FactoryTalk View SE/ME, RSView32, PanelView

Mitsubishi: GT2712 Panel

Schneider Electric: Vijeo Citect, ClearSCADA, Magelis XBT

Wonderware: InTouch, ArchestrA, System Platform

Inductive Automation: Ignition SCADA

Industry Standards

With multiple vendors’ models and their versions, the importance of industry standards can never be stressed enough. Another factor is interoperability, which is the key to process control system design, reliability and safety in industrial environment. ENWPS follows all the relevant industry standards framed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the International Society of Automation (ISA), among others, for seamless operation and network communication between system components. These include, but are not restricted to, standards like IEC-61131, IEC-61850, ISA-88/PackML, ISA-95, DCP, SIL 2, SIL 3, 21 CFR, Part 11, GAMP and BRAUMAT/CEMAT.


  • What are the factors that determine the selection of PLC/SCADA/HMI?
  • Is there a compatibility issue between different makes of devices on the same assembly line or shop floor?
  • Are there issues of client confidentiality, data safety and cyber security when outsourcing such services?
What are the factors that determine the selection of PLC/SCADA/HMI?

For any equipment, there are broad recommendations from the manufacturer about the desired attributes of such devices and even preferences are often mentioned. However, for customers, there are other considerations like what are the devices used in their existing equipment and their experience with those vendors. Using devices from the same brand and make makes sense as that helps better inventory management. But sometimes the desired requirements are better with rival makes, and it may be prudent to opt for that. Outsourcing agencies put all the options and it is for the customer to take the call.

Is there a compatibility issue between different makes of devices on the same assembly line or shop floor?

Today almost all leading vendors follow standards and protocols that make their products compatible with most hardware so there is no problem on this front. However, for practical considerations, the customer may have preferences and these do not pose any operational problems. With emerging technologies most PLCs/SCADA/HMIs are connected to multiple IIoT devices for better communication between machines, lines or even different plants for centralised monitoring and all devices have this compatibility.

Are there issues of client confidentiality, data safety and cyber security when outsourcing such services?

Client confidentiality, data safety, intellectual property, etc., are real concerns not only with respect to outsourcing, but also in normal circumstances for any company. In fact when dealing with external agencies, companies begin with a cautious approach and that alone is a sort of safeguard. Professional service providers like ENWPS follow ethical practices and give the highest priority to these concerns which are taken care of in the contract. In addition, they also bring other vulnerabilities to the notice of the management if they detect any such anomalies, helping strengthen the safety as well as cybersecurity, which is a growing threat today with networking and interconnectivity of plants and equipment.

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