Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Platforms are tools for improving connectivity, control and data analysis in industrial environments.
Data is on machines across plant floors. Get more data from your machines and equipment where the decisions can be made. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) bridges the divide between physical and the digital worlds. It is connection of the things to each other to facilitate the collection and transfer of data. IIoT transforms how companies function and how the work is done based on gains in technology, connectivity and data analytics. IIoT is creating new opportunities for companies to enhance their services, gain business insights from accurate and timely data, improve business processes and differentiate their offerings.

How IoT Implementation Works in Automation and Robotics?

An IIoT-enabled framework streamlines and integrates a value chain, including the applications in predictive maintenance, plant performance optimization and asset tracking. A comprehensive IIoT architecture might include sensors for detecting events or changes; gateways that aggregate and filter sensor data; Cloud-enabled platforms, including smart-signal aggregators and modelling algorithms; data analytics, including machine learning, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, data store, and security. The entire system is meant to run as a managed service.


ENWPS offers a wide range of services and solutions in the IIoT domain.

Web HMI Development

Collecting and analysing data is one thing, making it useful through displays and dashboards for easy interpretation and action is another. ENWPS specialises in Web HMI development for display of all the critical data in easy format in many different designs and user interfaces. All relevant parameters essential for monitoring of the plant and process are available at a glance, alarms set for safety. Data from multiple devices can be accessed securely on any browser with any web application platform and all the results are logged in the data historian.

Data Logging

Data logging was once a manual activity before strip chart recorders were invented, but today it is fully electronic and in the IIoT era, embedded within devices. Data logging is essentially about monitoring of various physical conditions like temperature, pressure, flow, load, vibrations, etc., and recording them over a period for analysis of the process or condition monitoring. While earlier various types of mechanical/electric/electromechanical instruments were used for data logging, today it is almost all sensor based. ENWPS has the expertise in all types of data loggers – Standalone, PC-based, Web-based or Wireless.


With the proliferation of IIoT devices, security is a main concern as many experts believe that such devices often create vulnerabilities for the enterprise. This happens mainly because most of these devices are designed for specific applications. Security is not the main concern in that as there are no adequate standards framed for this emerging technology. Sometimes the vulnerabilities are caused by improper installation. It is more important to secure the networks against such security risks and there are hardware and software solutions that can address these concerns. ENWPS has the expertise to help enterprises secure their networks against hackers and other malware attacks.

Data Analysis with Reports

Data can be gold or garbage – depends upon how it is analysed. With the number of sensors in the system multiplying rapidly, a humongous amount of data is collected, mostly unstructured, and of little relevance being of routine, repetitive nature. Data analysis becomes important in this case with predetermined values and parameters, looking for abnormalities with proper analytical tools. Sifting through the data for nuggets of critical information is extremely important for safe operations and predictive maintenance of the plant or machinery. ENWPS can help in this task of data analysis with reports for intelligence and insights for dramatically improved decision making.

Predictive Maintenance Reminders

One of the major applications of IIoT is in maintenance, moving from the time consuming reactive or costly preventive maintenance to the more effective predictive maintenance based on the data generated from various real-time monitoring devices on various rotating equipment. Process monitoring helps in making fairly accurate predictions on the state of the equipment on a continuous basis for more effective maintenance schedules without any downtime. Based on the data generated and its analysis, various reminders for this purpose can be programmed for effective maintenance.

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Benefits of IoT

There are many benefits of IIoT in a modern plant based on all the data generated and analysed and a few points may be elaborated further:

Machine to Machine Communication

Direct Machine to Machine or M2M communication helps in conveying information of routine nature without human intervention, taking automation to the next level. M2M is the very foundation of IIoT, the communication being facilitated by sensors that relay the information of physical parameters like temperature, vibrations, etc., or process needs like feeding of materials, replenishing the inventory – in general simplifying operations, eliminating or minimising human intervention.

Information Sharing

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of IIoT is sharing of information – between machines and operators, between two or more machines, between assembly lines or plants, different departments and even external agencies in the larger supply chain. The information can be of relevance to activities like facility management, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, inventory management, safety and security or any such activity. Sharing of information also involves safety and security issues, confidentiality clauses so it is important to place adequate safeguards and firewalls.

Service Support

The best part is, service support in the age of IIoT can be a totally different experience, as it connects people, products and processes at one end, and the customer at the other. Any product sold needs service support and that is more important in industrial hardware where the investments are high and productivity is at stake. Most machines today are monitored by remote for troubleshooting as part of the sales contract under warranty, or in AMC after that. IIoT facilitates this process but it also needs an elaborate setup and regular monitoring for smooth functioning.

Digital Transformation

IIoT as a technology holds the key to begin the process of digital transformation of an enterprise which is critical in the present era of emerging technologies. IIoT has the potential to change the face of the manufacturing sector, so much so that it has been called the fourth industrial revolution. If the pace of advancement in technology is anything to go by, intelligent factories will soon become the norm, rather than the exception. Multiple types of sensors with the ability to connect to the cloud are installed in the factory to gather data which helps to optimize the factory. The IoT system in a factory setting can work autonomously to drive and monitor production with minimal human intervention.

Process Optimisation

Conventional manufacturing processes had several inefficiencies which advanced automation can address successfully e.g., savings through weight reduction, energy conservation, etc.

Connected Enterprise

IIoT ensures that the internal silos in the organisation are effectively eliminated connecting all the departments for a transparent functioning for best utilisation of time and resources.

Enhanced Safety & Security

With better connectivity, safety of plant personnel and equipment as well as security of the enterprise against external threats like cyber-attacks, can be coordinated more effectively.

Data Storage

Data collection is by default with IIoT devices and so is the storage – there is no need for manual record keeping – which facilitates easy recall and ensures traceability of the process.

We Have Expertise In

ENWPS has the necessary skills and expertise to offer a wide range of connected equipment and mobile solutions. Equipment data can be tapped using Plantminder. By enabling the mobile versions of these software allowing the FSEs to collect and process the data online, it can become a great source for building analytics and developing better products.

Effective data mining from field and equipment

Addressing areas of equipment that have not received adequate attention

Quicker troubleshooting with automatic alerts

Monitoring 24×7 with the entire plant or system operation control dashboards

Process Insights with combination of equipment usage and field service data


  • Why outsource IIoT related jobs when most are plug & play devices and can be implemented in-house?
  • Can implementation of IIoT have tangible benefits and measurable outcomes?
  • What about the data safety and cybersecurity issues?
Why outsource IIoT related jobs when most are plug & play devices and can be implemented in-house?

As an emerging field, IIoT appears to be easy and there are many start-ups offering plug & play devices with apparently no compatibility issues. But most of these are developed without considering the operational environment and requirements as a one-size-fits-all devices. Each enterprise has different requirements and professional expertise is needed to make the correct selection in terms of requirements as well as integrating them into the system for a smooth user experience as well as taking care of the security aspect.

Can implementation of IIoT have tangible benefits and measurable outcomes?

Implementation of IIoT is something that happens in a facility that has basic automation in the first place. It takes automation a level higher by first monitoring parameters autonomously in real-time that were hitherto relying on manual intervention; and then enabling machine to machine and machine to operator communications for meaningful exchange of that information for further action. This not only saves time and ensures fail safe operations, but also helps in predictive maintenance which in turn minimises downtime. All these are measurable outcomes with real benefits.

What about the data safety and cybersecurity issues?

These are real concerns and again call for professional expertise. While many IIoT devices are available in the market and certainly of use, most of it are designed for specific applications where security is not the prime consideration for the vendor. But it is for the user, and even mere installation of these devices can create security breaches if not done properly. Here again, professionals can help in ensuring both data safety from internal and external sources and safeguarding the system from hackers.

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