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Supply and professionally managed installation and commissioning services to meet your specific requirements
Automation today is an essential part of every industry from small units to large corporates. Not all industries are fully automated – in fact, most are in early phases of implementation or at various stages of adoption. These industries typically struggle to avail good quality Supply, Installation & Commissioning services due to very nature of their size. ENWPS caters to all such requirements of automation jobs regardless of the magnitude – whether a few devices for a small assembly line or an entire project – with assured quality and prompt delivery.

We Specialise in

ENWPS specializes in supply, installation, supervision and commissioning services of power/control/drive cabinets and HMI/SCADA stations for the assembly lines, weld shops, paint shops and production lines. We also provide ANDON boards that are typically needed by manufacturing industries.

Supply, Installation & Integration

Supply, installation and integration of control systems, PLC/MCC/PDP panels and HMI stations; ENWPS has skilled Electrical and Automation team which is experienced in meeting global standards.

Start-up and Commissioning

ENWPS backs its supply and installation work by a competent commissioning team which has experience on all known global standards like VASS, DCP and PlantPax. It has two decades of field experience in commissioning at the client premises and ensures the system performs as expected.

Training and Documentation

One of the critical issues faced by industry today is lack of trained manpower. ENWPS offers Training & Documentation services to impart the necessary skills to operators for regular running and maintenance operations of the plant and equipment with proper procedures and record keeping.

End-to-End Solutions

ENWPS undertakes turnkey solutions for all types of industrial requirements ranging from a single cell to assembly line and from equipment to section. The company has the knowledge, expertise and professionals to execute turnkey solutions.

Project Management

Our management team uses techniques to finish projects in time, comes with innumerable benefits to the customer. Various stages of management include –conceptualization & planning, organizing all the equipment, machinery, and logistics, installation, integration, start-up, commissioning and leveraging of knowledge for training of manpower and documentation of processes. With its experience in project management, our team acts as a central interface in the planning and execution of projects.

We Have Expertise In

The scope of services provided under Supply, Installation & Commissioning is truly vast today with automation being part of every machine or equipment even if it belongs to a factory or industry that is not digitally connected in the Industry 4.0 sense. As more and more companies are scaling up on automation and not every one of them has in-house expertise in sourcing, installation, integration, start-up and commissioning of add on devices, ENWPS fills up a vital industrial requirement with this service that addresses a wide spectrum.

The scope of the services covers:

Industrial Robots


SCADA Systems

HMI Stations

PLC Modules
Weld Controllers

ANDON Displays

Overhead Cable Trays

Connectorized Cable System Installation

Installation of Barcode Scanners
Installation of Image Processing Cameras

Field Devices


Brackets for Sensors/Cameras/Scanners

Customer Specific Safety Standards.

We have implemented various robotics and automation solutions for leading enterprises both local to foreign entities alike

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Sourcing of quality products and services is a challenge in the best of times, which only gets more difficult when the requirements are small yet critical. ENWPS works with OEMs and vendors of automation products. As a professional provider of Supply, Installation & Commissioning services, it is proficient in procurement, installation and integration of industrial automation in the assembly line, manufacturing plant taking care of the programming and other aspects.

Experts at ENWPS are veterans of hundreds of plant automation projects from concept to commissioning with hands on experience of troubleshooting. The company has the resources to supply standard and customized parts and components, and the experience to install and integrate these into the system.

Genuine Parts

All parts, components and devices are sourced from OEMs and authorized vendors and are 100% original for exact replacement.


In case where the requirement is for obsolete parts, ENWPS can help in sourcing compatible and upgraded items considering cost saving/performance improvement.

Installation, Integration & Commissioning

Takes responsibility for integration of the parts into system after commissioning or replacement.

Software & Programming

Where the parts in question are PLCs, SCADA and HMIs, programming is carried out as called for system integration and commissioning.

Overall Expertise

ENWPS has the experience and expertise to deal with all major global vendors of automation, hardware and software platforms.


  • Why should a company rely on outsourcing services rather than do it in-house?
  • But an outsourced service may turn out to be expensive as there will be no control on the expenses?
  • What will the safety and intellectual property not be compromised with outsourcing?
Why should a company rely on outsourcing services rather than do it in-house?

One of the main reasons for popularity of Outsourcing Services is the professional expertise which is not easy to replicate with own resources. ENWPS has over two decades of experience and its team of professionals comprises experts from different engineering disciplines. Outsourcing also means that professionals handling installation and commissioning make it safer as they assume responsibility for the work and the company does not have to bear that risk.

But an outsourced service may turn out to be expensive as there will be no control on the expenses?

For any company overhead and operating costs form a significant chunk, and for SMEs it is often the biggest expense. It does not make sense to have permanent employees for jobs that are of intermittent nature. ENWPS maintains a database of top vendors in the business to negotiate the best deals. There is transparency in such deals as any overcharging is harmful for the reputation of the outsourcing agency. Besides, empirical evidence supports the cost advantages in outsourcing.

What will the safety and intellectual property not be compromised with outsourcing?

There are built-in safeguards and client confidentiality agreements signed during outsourcing the work that protects such interests. Professional agencies work with many different companies and their reputation depends on their integrity in taking care of such sensitive issue. In fact, companies often benefit from their advice when it comes to safety and security of the plant and intellectual property as they are extra careful about such vulnerabilities that may be exploited by vested interests which in turn soil their reputation.

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