The Case study highlights the adeptness of our team at ENWPS to successfully implement a complex project at the General Motors, Talegaon car assembly plant as per their pre-defined set of standards.


About The Client:

Our client, General Motors (GM), is a global company specializing in the production of cars, trucks, and SUVs and providing parts and services to support manufacturing operations. The company is the second-largest automaker in the world. The project assigned to ENWPS was concerned with General Motors, Talegaon plant.

The Talegaon plant currently assembles the following vehicles for the Indian market:

o Chevrolet Spark (legacy Daewoo Matiz)

o Chevrolet Cruze

o Chevrolet Beat (global-market Chevrolet Spark)

o Chevrolet Sail Sedan and Chevrolet Sail Hatchback


Case Study Brief:

The case study deals with implementing the Lean Error Proofing (LEP) system for the assembly plant. LEP is an industrial concept used by General Motors for improving the assembly procedures and resolving the issues of downtime and missing fasteners. The purpose of LEP is to reduce variations in the production process by eliminating a potential failure due to human error or process failure. Error proofing means preventing minor mistakes in the production flow at their initial stage rather than down the line when a product has already been completed and distributed.

Another term for Lean Error Proofing (LEP) is “Poka-yoke’, which follows the mistake-proofing approach towards manufacturing. It is a Japanese term where ‘Poka’ means ‘inadvertent errors,’ and ‘yoke’ means ‘to avoid.’ Therefore, avoiding unexpected or coincidental errors from production that may lead to unfavorable results.

General Motors wanted to install a similar LEP system for their Talegaon assembly plant. ENWPS undertook the assignment as an Implementation and Development Partner.


Our Work:

As part of the project, ENWPS was assigned the task of developing and installing the LEP logic to integrate the error-proof workflow. Our team performed installation and programming of eight different lines in GM’s General Assembly shop, namely –

o Trim Line 1

o Trim Line 2

o High Chassis 1

o High Chassis 2

o Low Chassis

o Engine Dressing

o Final Line

o Cockpit

Key Challenges:

  • Tight Deadlines and Hectic Work Schedule: For a consistent 100+ days, our team worked on-site in the second shift after the first shift had concluded the daily task. The work scope included developing logic, completing installation work, and reverting the existing logic of the running line before the operations begin on the line the next day.
  • Challenges During Installation: Installing the cable trays and laying the power cable at Chassis line at a height of 40 feet using a Boom Lift.


The Solution:

Despite all the obstacles in the process, our team concluded the development and installation of the Lean Error Proof (LEP) system while complying with GM standards. The everyday work scope involved strategically planning the day-to-day activities to avoid interruption in the line operations. Our team collaboratively worked with the GM team to ensure seamless production and prevent any calamity during the tasks. With the help of skilled programmers, electrical supervisors, safety officers, and skilled laborers, the project was concluded within the stipulated time. Below, solutions were provided by the ENWPS team as part of the successful implementation of the LEP system.

o Providing identification, guidance, verification of correct part, and work completion

o Quality Management System on production floor

o Torque Tool (TT) -correct torque selection, application, and confirmation

o Part Pick (PP) -part selection, guidance, verification, and confirmation

o Process tool (PT) -process tool/equipment interfacing for selection, application & confirmation.

o Providing electrical drawings design and draft using Eplan P8 as per GM standards to the maintenance team to troubleshoot electrical errors if any

o Support and Documentation


The Result:

The LEP system implementation and development project was successfully concluded without interfering with the car production in the plant. ENWPS became one of the most trusted vendors of General Motors, as this concept was established globally for the first time in General Motors Talegaon.


Our Achievements:

Assembly lines are complex and involve various barriers in implementing any new concept, as any small error can disrupt the entire process. Therefore, the successful accomplishment was possible from the team’s sheer hard work and dedication.

As a result of it, ENWPS was entitled to Implementation Partner of General Motors Technical Center, Bangalore, for the Lean Error Proofing system. Later, General Motors India recommended ENWPS for carrying out a similar LEP concept implementation for General Motors Egypt.


Glimpses of the Project:



The case study focuses on one of the successful project implementations by the ENWPS team. What makes this project unique is that despite challenging circumstances our team found its way to accomplish the tasks with smart planning and speedy execution which gave extraordinary results.

About The Client:

Our client, Varroc Lighting Systems India Pvt. Ltd is one of the biggest suppliers of exterior vehicle lighting systems for various leading automotive manufacturers.

Case Study Brief:

On 18th February 2020, a massive fire broke into the manufacturing premises of Varroc’s Pune-based unit in Hinjewadi. The whole plant burnt down leaving no possibility of getting back on track anytime soon. The manufacturing unit used to produce headlamps and taillamps for passenger and commercial vehicles. Their client base included various reputed companies – Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Tata Motors, Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Pvt Ltd., Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles Ltd., Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd., including others.

Survive Challenging Times with Smart Planning and Speedy Execution

Image Source: The Indian Express

The incident created havoc among the vehicles manufacturers as it disrupted the supply chain and hampered the manufacturing process. For overcoming the increasing distress, an action plan was formulated. For implementation, Varroc Lighting Systems approached ENWPS. As part of the plan, a new manufacturing plant integration had to be performed inside an existing plant in Chakan that was running to full capacity. ENWPS undertook the task and was in charge of providing four robot cells at the earliest time possible.

Key Challenges:

o Extreme pressure from Varroc Lighting Systems for faster integration due to growing unrest among its clientele.
o Availability of robots in such a short duration of time.
o Complete integration of robots in limited space.

Our Work:

Our team implemented the project from scratch with strategic planning. Following are the tasks accomplished during our project implementation within 26 days’ time frame-

o Sourcing Robots
o Designing of Compact Robot Cell
o Robot Cell Manufacturing
o PLC Panel Integration and Wiring
o Human-Machine Interface Installation
o Robot and PLC Configuration
o Robot Programming
o PLC Programming

The Solution:

With continuous efforts, ENWPS formed a standard among the four robot cells, such that any robot can perform the plasma and gluing application on any headlight out of the 12 vehicle models that were to be manufactured.

The Result:

o We delivered 1st robot cell on 11th March 2020 with complete integration.
o Within less than a month, the production of headlights began again.
o The production of headlights resumed from 13th March 2020 for major automobile giants in the Pune area.

Our Achievements:

Despite time constraints and several hurdles, we delivered what we promised. We overcame challenges by relentless dedication and well-thought planning. Moreover, the compact robot cell emerged as our innovative in-house designed product, which was mounted in a limited space.

Glimpses of the Project:

Systems Survive Challenging Times with Smart Planning and Speedy Execution Systems Survive Challenging Times with Smart Planning and Speedy Execution



ENWPS has a two-decades legacy of providing innovative Automation and Robotics solutions – from concept to implementation, providing quality and comprehensive innovative systems coupled with technology expertise.

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